We were born out of the eagerness to provide a translation that brings out the beauty of the Spanish Language. Most translations now a days have been done without a full understanding of grammar, context of what the author is trying to say to his readers. A translator not only translates an authors work but it also has to capture the spirit of his or her piece for their readers.

Each type of translation has to be done in the out most care and caution because in the case of medical translation. It can be a matter of life or death.

When a person is a Spanish Native Speaker it does not mean that automatically this person is qualified to be a translator. This person needs to have the correct understanding and full command of their mother tongue language. Which in this case it would be Spanish.

At Hannah’s Translation Services we can provide a translation with the out most care for excellence. By always being mindful of your work and bringing accuracy to your readers,while also working within the range of your budget.